Tuesday, December 11, 2007


This 48-50 hour film race I had been looking forward to for a good part of the semester it was defiantly my type of assignment restrictions to give some direction but overall a lot of freedom. My original plan for it was to use a software call Jasc animation shop. A soft ware that takes a series of photo files and plays them at a film rate of 1-100 fps. Unfortunately my trail ran out about two weeks before the race and I was unable to use it. So I had to go to plan B using the video option on my still digital camera which had a relatively high mega pixel count so the picture came off real well. Then came the mystery prop children’s blocks since the stop motion option probably would’ve taken me a while to do without the software I went in a different direction and looked at the pictures on the block and when I saw the hammer. I knew it was going to be supreme as it were and took the video of rolling the blocks to match up the hammer against the other picture blocks and soon the video was born and came out real well. Getting on DVD though was hard I must’ve tried out 20 different conversion software before I gave up and had to burn it at Johns house. This instant is the only time that a MAC helped me out in editing. Sorry to all those MAC users out there but to be honest most of my projects that have been done on a MAC had to be bailed out by a PC element the is the first time and probably the last for a while that those rolls have be reversed. The showing of the film race was also a fun experience despite that I didn’t listen to the directions and got lost on the way to the Silva’s. that caused me to miss my documentary which stunk because that what everyone wanted to talk about but I did get to see my 48-50 hour race film and it got it’s share of complement and made a good end to my semester.

Monday, December 10, 2007

final blogs yeah i know i'm stupid

Well before I give my wisdom of the projects I will appologize for such a blank blog but that is my fault no one elses it’s a shame that it will probably hurt my grade. But on to the subject on hand. First I would like to discuss the assignment of rhythmic editing. In terms of my idea of this project it went the way that Andre describes. I see the requirements get frustrated at the idea of the assigment believing it was to rigid unrestricted. I thought up a decent concept one that actually fits in with the repetitiveness of the assignment online video gaming. After the concept was shot I saw the real freedom of the assignment through the editing process and best of all the camera recorded sound fit right in with the cuts and made an interesting montage. In fact the only problem with the screen was the fact that Wayne’s project was first talk about put the top act on first. Honest it felt like putting a newbie to the comedy world on right after a jay leno or which ever comedian floats your boat.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Music for the Assignment #1

I haven't decided which genre of music to take in on Thursday and I don't know if my taste will be to my partners liking but I decided it might be a good idea to right them out so that all my classmates can steal them HA. The first genre would be techno a very abstract form of music often having other things mixed into the track, a good match for a ever changing screen of color and darkness. Then there is something like rock alternative some maybe on the lines of System of a Down who have many songs that change directions and tempos multiple times in the song. Then there is experimental music that has the characteristic of ambient noise that is jumbled and abstract even more then techno. Then you could go a little more native with something like tribal chanting. I'm sure I can find something interesting.

He who's name escapes me

As I was looking through the syllabus I looked at week 3 and saw that we are being introduced to stop-motion animation. That reminded me of a film class at Missouri state I took which we learned a little bit on the subject of animation and although his name of the man escapes me, but he was one of the first people to use stop-motion animation in the way we're familiar with today. His subjects were rather interesting. He would used dead bugs as his subjects and often had elaborate stories involving them; such as the story of Mr. & Mrs. Cockroach. The story starts with Mr. Cockroach leaving the house to have an affair with Ms. Butterfly. after their night of passion Mr. cockroach headed home only to find Mrs. Cockroach having an affair Mr. centipede if i remember right. So Mrs. Cockroach begs for forgiveness and finally after some fighting Mr. Cockroach accepts and decide to take Mrs. Cockroach to the movies. Unfortunately the film features a steaming love scene staring Mr. Cockroach and Ms. Butterfly.

The first blog

Let me first say that I don’t intend to write my blogs so late in the week and in one large chunk it tires me out and drives me nuts. At least this cloud has a silver lining though; as I got to see some of my classmates blogs and saw some pretty interesting info I was not aware about. As I read in Jason’s blog about Stan Brackhage other films that involved him gluing things to the film. I was only aware of his films of painting and scathing so I might have to look up his film with the bugs and leaves.
I do think that Brackhage’s work is definitely visually stimulating but I will disagree with his theory on sound I for one believe that for a film to be engaging. It should try to bring stimulation to the sense of hearing as much as sight.